UK Gang Crime

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Welcome to the UK Gang and Youth Crime discussion!

Over the next few weeks, we hope to explore this topic in some detail.

This is a very controversial subject that has generated much media attention. However, the sensational and frequently reported outcomes, often fail to discuss the important underlying causes. Certain communities have been targeted and blamed for the rise in criminal activity. We believe that this is a highly complex issue that ranges from Serious Organised Crime, to Urban Street Gangs, to very impressionable and vulnerable young people.

Therefore, we want to undo some of the myths and ill-informed perceptions by presenting some of the realities, the causes and the societal issues that are contributing to this issue.

So, rather than revisiting the tragic outcomes and statistics, we want to look at how organised crime infiltrates into communities, how societal issues and related factors contribute to the risk of young people being exploited, and finally, we listen to highly informed individuals who discuss how we should seek to tackle it.

Of course we realise that there are young people who consciously choose to live outside of the law, who choose to use extreme violence however there are a great many who are coerced and exploited into this lifestyle. As will be discussed, there is a very significant issue at play here in the UK that appears to point to an evolutionary process of young vulnerable people being exploited into joining urban gangs, who in turn are being influenced by highly organised crime groups who are equipping and educating these groups in ever increasingly violent and deviant methods. Research shows that these middle market urban gangs, will likely become the organised crime groups of the future.

From Friday 14th, we will start to put up videos from an array of expert opinion leaders, involved communities, charities and intervention organisations. Each presents a personal perspective on the topic borne out of experience. These viewpoints are merely intended to start the discussion. We are not offering a solution, but we do provide a credible insight into this topic.

We know there are many others in our communities, up and down the country who are involved, have intelligent viewpoints, are providing help and support, or simply care about what is happening.

We would really like you to add your own VIDEO Opinion to the discussion. This can be a short comment or a more expansive opinion. It only takes a few minutes to record and post a video on our site and add your valuable POV.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of those who agreed to participate. We have been fortunate to meet some truly wonderful people, who have shared a range of perspectives and personal stories. Some are incredibly passionate, others highly motivated, but all, are driven by the desire to make a difference!

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