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Welcome to the UK Drug Policy discussion!

Over the next week and into next weekend, we hope to cover a wide range of areas from the core argument as to why reform is needed, to the more challenging question of what should be done. We will discuss some of the research that is being conducted, both in terms of medicinal use, but also cognitive function and addiction. During the discussion we also plan to explore how people feel about a number of other areas including alternative legislative models.

From today we will start to put up videos from an array of expert opinion leaders who will share their personal perspectives of current policy and the argument for change. Throughout the week we will run a series of polls to understand sentiment on certain topics, the results of which we will share as we progress.

This is a discussion for everyone. We know there are some very informed policy and drug experts out there and a whole section of the UK population who have varying opinions on this topic.

You can participate by commenting on others videos, or by providing your own video POV. This can be recorded on a phone, tablet or any suitable device and easily uploaded. Whether your video is a brief comment or a more expansive point of view, your opinion really does matter!

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