Steve Warner – Deputy Head Teacher

Steve Warner, Deputy Head Teacher, discusses the very forward thinking, ‘Beyond the Gate’ initiative, that has been implemented at his school. It is important to state that this was not in response to a gang issue. On the contrary, the school is successful and the students feel safe, but the school recognises the role it can play in safeguarding and mitigating issues already evident in the community and developing elsewhere.

In this presentation Steve discusses the reasons why the school sought to implement a model of early identification and intervention for students at the school and the early warning signs that provoked this. The model that has been developed, focusses on many important aspects of prevention ranging from ensuring effective information, education and training is provided to students, teachers and parents, to collaboration with multiple agencies to one-to-one support and mentoring to help those in need of extra care and advice.

Steve discusses how the school recognises it’s role and at the centre of student life and the quite unique opportunity this presents.

With an intimate understanding of the individual student, their peers, coupled with a relationship with the family and engagement with the local community, the school is ideally positioned to identify issues early, discuss these and ultimately seek to ensure appropriate help and support is put in place for those that need it.

Beyond the tremendous work that Steve has done in building out this programme with the school, they have further sought to enhance this programme by actively seeking out further expert support to enhance education through school assemblies featuring intervention organisations, education programmes, community initiatives and engagement with the local police and authorities.

The initiative is ongoing and is extending further into new plans to develop increased understanding around adverse childhood experiences, greater collaboration with other schools and sharing these activities with others that share concerns about student safety and would like to follow in this positive and proactive initiative.

We believe this is a positive initiative and congratulate Steve and all involved at the school, for taking these proactive steps to helping safeguard and educate young people on these issues.

Steve Warner

I am currently a Deputy Head Teacher in a large secondary school on the North London – Hertfordshire fringe. I have specific responsibility for Student Behaviour and Attitudes as well as day to day operations and off site visits. In addition I am a School Governor.

I am passionate about ensuring that every student accesses a fully inclusive curriculum that allows them to achieve both their academic and personal potential so that they leave school as well rounded individuals who are prepared for future success.

Part of my work has been in developing and sharing ‘Beyond The Gate’ – a school based response to the societal challenges of youth violence. This work originates from the need to ensure that our students are informed about, and equipped to make informed choices on, the issues of youth violence and knife crime that stem from the communities which we serve. This approach uses a public health model to support in early identification and multi-agency early intervention. It also seeks to  develop the counter narrative to ensure that students are fully educated on the dangers and realities of gang life and life changing impacts of youth violence.

Twitter handle: @swarnersmhs


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