Patsy McKie – Mothers Against Violence

The remarkable Patsy McKie, founder of Mothers Against Violence in Manchester, discusses why the organisation was created and talks about the support that MAV provide. Patsy touches on her own tragic loss, her faith and how we all need to work together to create change for young people. Patsy shares her views on the impact of gang crime in the UK, how it affects communities and the important role that parents must take responsibility for providing to their children.

Patsy McKie-Mothers against Violence (MAV) 

“In August 1999 my life changed dramatically through the death of my son, who was shot in Hulme, Manchester. Dorrie was a vibrant lad with a caring heart and an undying loyalty to his friends. In fact, his death really opened my eyes to how much he was loved by the people around him. One of his friends told me: “He cared more for me than my dad ever did”.” Patsy McKie

Patsy McKie is a highly respected founder of a Parent Support Group, which was set up following the tragic loss of her son Dorrie. A short time later, she met with a group of around 15 mothers who were fearful for the lives of their children and who knew either a family member or friend who had been a victim of gang shootings or other violent acts and ‘Mothers Against Violence’ was born. Their deepest desire is to put something back into the community. Her involvement with Mothers Against Violence (MAV) has brought her before the nation’s leaders. MAV work alongside grieving parents and parents who are concerned that their children who may be caught up in gangs. They go into schools, prisons and the wider community to try to break the taboo about gangs and violence as well as provide intervention assistance for young people.


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