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The highly regarded and greatly respected former undercover police officer and chairman of LEAP UK Neil Woods, discusses his personal observations and experiences of County Lines. He explores how Organised Crime Groups (OCG’s) infiltrate communities, through the manipulation and grooming of young, vulnerable children, who are used in the supply and distribution of illegal drugs. Neil covers the many related causes, societal factors, targeting strategies and the extremely violent methods employed by OCG’s during the coercion of children. He talks frankly about the need to sever the link between the Drugs Market, Organised Crime Groups and the exploitation of children. Therefore, mitigating the risk factors associated with this rapidly expanding criminal market. Neil concludes with a very clear, personal perspective on how this could be transformed and should be challenged.


Are a passionate community of former and current Police, undercover operatives, intelligence service, military personnel and a range of figures from the criminal justice system. They have joined together with civilians to raise awareness of the failed, dangerous and expensive pursuit of a punitive drug policy. Leap UK are advocates for evidence-based policies with a public health focus for drugs and mental health. http://ukleap.org/


Neil Woods is a highly respected Chairman of LEAP UK and a former police officer. Neil spent 14 years of his 23 years in the police as an undercover operative. His experience of the criminal and drug worlds have compelled him to campaign for reform our drug laws. Neil has written about his experiences as an undercover operative within some of the UK’s biggest drug gangs. Good Cop, Bad War, exposes the realities of UK Drug Policy.





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