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We are delighted to be able to present the high energy, highly motivated, The Safety Box ® CIC CEO, Nathaniel Peat.

Nathaniel talks in a very passionate and inspiring way about why The Safety Box ® was set up and how the strategies were built in consultation with many professionals. The Safety Box ® work with a wide range of people from primary school children, through youth offending to prisons and all age groups from primary school age up to adults.

The Safety Box ® have developed in house strategies and repackaged past government initiatives such as Every Child Matters, to arrive at a sophisticated methodology that focusses on practically rebuilding confidence and addressing past issues with young people. Nathaniel is one of the few people in the UK who also has direct experience of the Cure Violence method (previously adopted in Chicago USA and proven to so effective) which he has utilised in a prison environment with remarkable effect.

The Safety Box ® utilise what are referred to as ‘credible messengers’ ie., former offenders who can engage with highly violent young people with credibility. This is supplemented with personal development, education and skills development to empower the young people involved. The Safety Box ® provide training to schools and teachers who may not have previously encountered inner city schools to develop understanding of language, behaviours and other strategies that enable difficult situations and behaviours to be managed. Amongst the other areas that Nathaniel discusses are skills that are developed related to body language, avoiding conflict and personal protection.

Nathaniel talks with great energy about the need to give young people a chance, to help them realise their ambitions and how The Safety Box ® work to do this through delivery partners and a working relationship with the EY Foundation who are delivering tremendous programmes helping young people develop skills and enter the workplace through career opportunities and entrepreneurship.

The Safety Box ® also discusses the societal issues that are driving some of the issues we see today and concludes with a passionate summary of his personal goal of giving UK Youth the chance to succeed, to ‘Aspire Higher’, and be recognised as some of the best in Europe.

Nathaniel Peat

Nathaniel Peat is a highly respected, multi-award winning entrepreneur, international speaker, engineer, pilot, martial artist and man of many talents and achievements. He is a regular contributor to TV, radio and print stories which deal with social issues surrounding youth, gender equality, youth crime, entrepreneurship and renewable energy. He is also the Chairman of Jamaicans Inspired UK (a Jamaican Youth Diaspora organisation), Patron and founding member to the EY Foundation (Ernst and Young) and the founder of the multi-award winning social enterprise The Safety Box. Nathaniel’s life continues to inspire many people and he remains connected to the community that he serves, he is an international acclaimed speaker, youth advocate and ambassador for various social causes.



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Nathaniel Peat

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