Kelly Reid – The Crib/Parent’s Voice (part 2)

In this second video POV from Kelly Reid at the CRIB (parents voice) she discusses how youth violence and gangs have evolved in the Hackney area. She talks about the issue of the media and 24×7 social media amplifying the events that occur, causes increased fear and anxiety for all concerned. She points to the fact that this constant stream of fear generates increased anxiety and provokes some behaviours.

Kelly continues to discuss the issues for parents and the need for the earliest possible intervention. She explores some of the challenges faced in terms of how young people want more independence, trust and respect, but that this must not result in parents believing their children are independent and able to deal with the issues that arise in their lives. Kelly works with children and parents together, to give them tools and safeguarding methods to help deal with these challenges.

Kelly goes on to discuss the importance of parents in the context of conversation. Being prepared to find the time when children are prepared to talk or need to. Not accepting ‘its all fine’ as the response and failing to really explore whats happening. Building relationships where young people feel they can talk openly without fear of judgement. Helping children understand what friendships should be, understand who they spend their time with and taking an interest in their education. She explains in failing to do this it starts to create a barrier to discussion and understanding as they grow.

She concludes by saying that it is essential that children know, that their parents will be there, to support, to listen, to help, when they need it.


Kelly-Parent’s Voice at The Crib

Kelly is a highly respected coordinator at a community organisation called The Crib. She manages the parent support group, which assists families by delivering help and practical advice, to empower parents within the community. They particularly support parents of children who are affected by gang violence. Their innovative and much needed approach involves sessions which inform and educate about gang affiliation, sexual exploitation, cyber-bullying, drugs, domestic violence, knife awareness and relationships, through various workshops. It has been set up for parents by parents and provides a safe space to discuss real life situations, in a trusting, understanding environment.

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