Kelly Reid – The Crib Parent’s Voice

Kelly who works for the CRIB social inclusion project, discusses why Parents Voice was created. In this very insightful discussion she explores the realities of what it is like to be a parent of someone drawn into gang culture. How young people are drawn into this environment, how some are groomed, the gifts they are given, the kudos it provides, but how ultimately, this leads to them ‘belonging to someone’. She goes on to discuss the confusing media messages and how this often creates more concern for parents. She then discusses the role of parents and the need to engage with their children, carefully assess their moods and behaviours for clues and that parental responsibility includes setting boundaries, being prepared to discipline in the right way, knowing their whereabouts and who they are associating with.

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Kelly Reid – Parent’s Voice at The Crib

Kelly is a highly respected coordinator at a community organisation called The Crib. She manages the parent support group, which assists families by delivering help and practical advice, to empower parents within the community. They particularly support parents of children who are affected by gang violence. Their innovative and much needed approach involves sessions which inform and educate about gang affiliation, sexual exploitation, cyber-bullying, drugs, domestic violence, knife awareness and relationships, through various workshops. It has been set up for parents by parents and provides a safe space to discuss real life situations, in a trusting, understanding environment.

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