Janette Collins – The Crib (Part 3 of 3)

In this final video from Crib founder, Janette Collins, she discusses the reality of experiencing trauma and how it impacts mental wellbeing.

Janette talks about the effect of young people witnessing extreme violence or deaths involving friends, in areas they know well. She touches on how these sometimes recurrent events, cause immense emotional trauma for those directly involved and for others that may have lost children or those close to them in the past.

In this short video Janette talks about the ways in which these issues cause long term PTSD symptoms, manifesting in flashbacks, nightmares, feelings of guilt, of anger or confusion and otherwise erratic, withdrawn and reactive behaviours.  She also discusses the cultural challenge and stigma that often means these issues are not widely discussed as doing so can be wrongly seen as a sign of weakness by the individual, and those around them.

Janette concludes with a plea to parents and others, to listen to the children and take the time to understand what they are experiencing in order to ensure they get the support and counselling needed.

Janette Collins-The Crib

Janette is a highly respected founder and manager of The Crib. She has dedicated her life to helping young people and their families to have a better life. The Crib is a social inclusion/Intervention project which works with young people who are at risk of offending, gang affiliated or are in ‘targeted’ groups in specific areas that need support.  They also deliver a variety of activities including, dance classes, drama classes and a youth club. They provide a range of outreach workshops in schools and prisons, as well as supporting young people into employment. Parents Voice was created to assist families and empower parents within the community.

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