Janette Collins – The Crib (Part 1 of 3)

Janette Collins founder of the CRIB, in Hackney, London, discusses many aspects of community life and and how society has altered.

In this, the first of three videos, Janette talks about her personal involvement in youth work since 1978. She talks about how things have changed within communities and the past desire to support each other being lost as we have become more fragmented as a society.  She discusses how she feels about this breakdown of relationships and how common ideals around faith, have diminished.

Janette talks about the evolving nature of society and how people are pressurised to find a balance between truly being there for their children whilst struggling to balance the demands of work.

Janette touches on discipline, both at home and at school and the confusing place we have arrived at.

In this first video Janette concludes with her view on the challenges faced by schools to find the right way to ensure adequate education for all, deal with difficult situations and the very damaging consequences of school exclusion, which materially impacts self esteem and creates a clear sense of rejection from society.



Janette Collins-The Crib

Janette is a highly respected founder and manager of The Crib. She has dedicated her life to helping young people and their families to have a better life. The Crib is a social inclusion/Intervention project which works with young people who are at risk of offending, gang affiliated or are in ‘targeted’ groups in specific areas that need support.  They also deliver a variety of activities including, dance classes, drama classes and a youth club. They provide a range of outreach workshops in schools and prisons, as well as supporting young people into employment. Parents Voice was created to assist families and empower parents within the community.

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