Jane Evans – Life Change Coach

Jane discusses how issues related to attachment, fear and trauma in early childhood can have a dramatic impact on young people and their mental wellbeing.

In this very interesting and enlightening presentation Jane discusses how early childhood trauma and attachment needs can shape a young persons perception of safety. Jane discusses her past experiences with young children, how factors such as violence, trauma, fear and exclusion can cause the brain to remain in a constant state of survival, as a natural defence mechanism.

She discusses how research and scientific evidence distinguishes between the different types of trauma and the subsequent effects it has on individuals. She explains that children can overcome a single traumatic moment, especially if they live in a safe and supportive environment. However, this is very different for those who are exposed to sustained trauma and come from homes or settings that offer little safety. Jane explains how this type of prolonged experience maintains a constant primeval state of survival, which overwhelms and stresses the young person and prevents them from thriving healthily and happily.

Jane emphasises the need for investment and support at these early stages both for those directly affected and their parents. She has developed specific tools to help parents to deal with their own personal states of trauma, in order to promote a safe and secure home for children to flourish.

Jane concludes by outlining the necessity for increased intervention and support for those affected by traumatic conditions through a holistic approach, which tackles all of the issues faced. She also stresses that anyone who goes into this line of work, must be aware of their own personal state of mind, so that they are completely grounded, to avoid worsening the situation by their own personal challenges.






Jane Evans Life Coach

Jane has spent over two decades developing her expertise. She is an inspirational, advisory Key Speaker on childhood trauma, stress and anxiety. She has written several books to support children through their experiences and is an esteemed coach. She is a highly sought after and regular media contributor on TV and radio.

Jane started her formal education with a BSc degree in Social Policy at the University of Bristol, where she developed her enduring love of reading and research. Her subsequent front-line work with at-risk families and time as a child-minder, expanded her experience and curiosity about the brain’s relationship with stress.

A defining moment in Jane’s life occurred during her preparation for becoming a foster carer, when she researched early childhood trauma. She discovered that what happens to us in our earliest moments, days, months and years has a profound impact on:

  • brain development and function,
    • behaviour
    • health
    • personal interactions and relationships
    • the ability to concentrate and learn
    • our relationship with stress

This set her on a path to understand and help children and adults who had experienced difficulties in their early years and the subsequent strategies in addressing the issues. Jane has drawn on proven neuroscience, neurobiology and physiology to develop a deep understanding of how brain connections work and how it is possible to become stress intelligent and change the way we mange stress.


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