Dr Paul Andell – Criminologist

Highly respected Criminologist and expert on gangs and criminal justice, Dr Paul Andell discusses his research into UK gangs and the complex relationships between organised crime groups, urban street gangs and younger more vulnerable individuals and communities. This is a fascinating insight into how policy has changed, how urban gangs are evolving into semi-organised crime groups and how their activities have changed. Paul talks about the ability of larger metropolitan gangs to exert lethal responses to disputes and explores the many ways in which society has contributed to the issues we face today. He goes on to discuss the need for social proofing to protect impoverished and disadvantaged communities and why community collaboration with other agencies is so important in dealign with this issue.

Paul Andell

Dr Paul Andell is a highly respected criminologist who has more than 25 years of experience of working in the criminal justice field. He has worked in statutory, voluntary and private sectors undertaking criminal justice related work in practice, policy and research. Paul’s former practice was in probation and youth justice in East London, he later worked as a Consultancy Manager for NACRO. Paul has also worked as a Performance Advisor for the Ministry of Justice, Community Safety Manager for the Greater London Assembly and was Director of Communities for a Youth Leadership Charity, Brathay.


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