Chris Hobbs – Retired Police Officer

Retired Met Police Officer of 32 years, Chris Hobbs, discusses his experiences in the Met. In this video Chris shares his view on the current rise of youth gangs and knife crime and some of the reasons for this.

Chris discusses many aspects of his police career including working in Southall during a time of great tension and a prolonged period where he spent 18 months working in Jamaica. He talks about the pleasure he derived from working with the Jamaican Police force and the broader community whilst focussed on combatting drug trafficking.

Chris goes on to discuss the early days of Trident and the influence of the black community in demanding solutions to violence in the late 90’s, the relationships that were built and the trust that was developed. Chris discusses his personal view on how Trident evolved, which he believes was to its detriment and that of the communities it was focussed on.

Chris refers to subsequent changes in government and the substantial budgetary cuts that have been applied to the police, social services, youth support services in the last decade and how he feels these have all contributed to the problems of today.


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Chris Hobbs Retired Police Officer

Chris is a highly experienced former police officer who retired from the Metropolitan Police Service in July 2011 having served for 32 years.  He continues to maintain a keen interest in policing, especially around border controls, community tensions, football related violence, urban street gangs and Caribbean linked serious organised crime.  He believes that more should be done to protect vulnerable communities both here and in Jamaica and has supported various charity events.

Chris is currently writing a book, which takes a light-hearted look at experiences in Jamaica and expresses serious and controversial concerns in relation to vulnerable UK border controls. It is hoped that the book will encourage tourists to visit Jamaica.

Chris has made numerous media appearances on TV and Radio, including the BBC and Sky, he has also had letters published in the National Press, including the Guardian and Telegraph Newspapers.

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