Amani Simpson – Founder of Aviard Inspires CIC

At the age of 21, Amani was stabbed 7 times during a confrontation and failed robbery. This proved to be a turning point in Amani’s life. He experienced an epiphany in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and rediscovered his faith. He believes he was very fortunate to survive and that he was saved for a reason. It has taken a long for Amani to fully recover from the events and although he started to build a commercial business, he feels his calling is in helping young people.

Amani created Aviard Inspires which he hopes can provide a positive basis to do this. Whilst he fully recognises that gang lifestyle can appear attractive to certain young people, he believes the reality, is very different. Amani’s story has been made into a film which will premier in 2019. He hopes that this will provide a basis for educating many vulnerable young people about the realties or gang involvement and that it will be a platform for education in schools and communities.

Amani discusses some of the challenges young people face, ranging from the violent trauma that many are experiencing in certain deprived parts of the country, to the related difficulties of mental health, the environments, the negative influence of violent images and music and how these many factors can damage self esteem and create fear.  However, Amani recognises that perhaps, broader sections of society are starting to wake up to the problems that are occurring  and asking why? This is a positive step forward and combined with those that have, and will continue to work tirelessly within the communities, it is perhaps an indication that positive change can occur.

In closing this video Amani discusses the need for young people to be strong and follow their dreams. He says that sacrifices are needed, it might be uncomfortable and others will try to steer you off your track, but that there are many others want to help and support. It is important that young people find these positive influences and mentors.

Amani believes that the more this issue is openly discussed, the more people share their personal stories, the more people discuss their challenges, the more likely we are to see positive change. We agree completely.

Amani Simpson -Aviard Inspires CIC

Amani Simpson is a highly regarded motivational speaker and community worker. He was stabbed multiple times when he intervened in a friend’s dispute over stolen goods, that subsequently escalated out of control. He had a conversation with God while on the way to the hospital and decided to turn his life around and do something positive, if he managed to survive. Amani has made it his mission to educate children about knife crime in schools. Now he has made a film about his life and dedicates his time to helping young people develop careers instead of getting involved in crime.



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