Why I take drugs

A drug users perspective on Uk drug laws.

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Good video & you seem like a lovely guy but can I ask? You talk of the benefits outweighing the negatives or risks – what do you see as the benefits you get? If you had never taken drugs would those benefits still apply? I’m genuinely interested to know.

Lisa Hall

Great video. I don’t take drugs myself but my Son does and for that reason I am trying to understand it. If it wasn’t for women’s activism 70 years ago I wouldn’t have the life I’ve got today so I’m starting to accept that reform is needed to keep everyone safe. Well done

Chris Hall

I fully agree with what you are saying, things in moderation are find for you. Loads of people experiment with drugs, and for the nost part its safe, it’s only unsafe in the hands of people who make things too strong and someone ends up overdosing.

Darryl Bickler

My tip for spokespeople is that they think about their language when talking about ‘legal’ or ‘illegal drugs’, and even referring to people who use ‘drugs’ when not really meaning drugs, but some drugs as if that was synonymous with those using ‘illegal drugs’ which I assure you do not exist anyway.

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