Jason Reed – LEAP UK

Jason Reed is the Executive Director of LEAP UK. Jason has worked in Drug Policy as a writer/blogger for many well-known, international journals and media platforms. Here he discusses the reasons why UK Drug Policy is failing and why reform is needed.

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Lisa Hall

Interestingly alcohol consumption has reduced in the younger age group – drug taking has increased. We also need to support those already addicted in a better way but getting an addict to stop being in denial is a challenge too. Any ideas how this can be achieved?


Do your figures of drug use increase take into account the expanding population? Is it the % of population or just numbers. In countries where drug use is punished vigorously drug use isnt rampant. It clearly does work with the general population if the penalty is high enough.


Increasingly here in this country we are turning a blind eye to drug use. Its almost normal that kids take drugs. Maybe thats why use increases – there is no penalty so why not have a laugh and try it?


Arent we letting down the kids that actually are starting to take something that may disrupt their lives because we are down playing the harm? “Its ok its even seen as something we should make legal – just like having a cidar!”

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