Medicinal Cannabis – Add Your Point of View

Medicinal Cannabis legislation passed on the 1st November gave many communities hope that a more progressive attitude would be taken to making this available for certain conditions.

Since the change in legal status, some 800 specialist doctors (generally excluding your high street GP) have been given permission to write prescriptions for cannabis oil containing both the chemicals CBD, which is widely used and legal in the UK, and THC, which is not.  Despite this, progress has been virtually non existent.

It seems doctors are struggling to reconcile their understanding of the application of Medicinal Cannabis with research, and most particularly guidelines issued by the BPNA (British Paediatric Neurology Assoc).

Meanwhile, the reality for the very many families who had desperately hoped that the change in legislation would bring about a renewed possibility to treat severe conditions where the evidence of efficacy is strong and outcomes potentially life changing, are finding it impossible to navigate this path, or are simply being refused.  On Tuesday 19th March, parents will march on Downing Street to demand access for their children.

End Our Pain link to this here www.endourpain.org and United Patient Alliance is here www.upalliance.org These are two charities who have tirelessly championed these causes.

We would like to share some insights into this in the meantime and hope that others will add to this discussion.

We would really like to hear your views and comments. Have you encountered resistance, a lack of knowledge, been challenged over the relevance of your condition and its suitability for treatment with medicinal Cannabis? We know this is a sensitive subject and that there are a wide array of people with differing conditions from those with treatment resistant Epilepsy, to MS, to Crohns and Colitis sufferers, those with Fibromyalgia, to those experiencing anxiety, nausea and pain.

To add your opinion – All you need to do is register on this site, record a short video (on your phone, tablet) and then upload it to your account on the site, where you can tag it with ‘Medicinal Cannabis’. You are also very welcome to comment on other videos discussing this issue.

Hannah Deacon – Alfie Dingly

Hannah Deacon – (Alfie’s Hope) Medicinal Cannabis Campaigner

Many people will know Hannah Deacon due to the immense work she has done around Medicinal Cannabis in the UK and in bringing her son Alfie’s plight to the nation. Alfie was the first person in the UK to gain an NHS prescription for Medicinal Cannabis. In this video Hannah talks a little about Alfies […]
Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Action – Sam Mountney Discusses Access to Medicinal Cannabis

We are pleased to present Epilepsy Action Policy and Campaign lead, Sam Mountney. In this video Sam discusses how the intention of Medicinal Cannabis legislation was to enable access in a safe and controlled manner. He continues by saying that whilst that was the intention, Epilepsy Action believe that the guidelines actually adopted, are too […]
Mike Barnes – Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation

Mike Barnes – Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation

We are pleased to present Professor Mike Barnes latest view on events since new government legislation on Medicinal Cannabis was passed on 1st November 2018. In this update from Mike, he discusses the reality of how legislation has been embraced and what changes have actually occurred. Of significance, is the observation that (at the time […]
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