Janette Collins – The Crib (Part 2 of 3)

In this second video from Janette Collins, founder of the Hackney based Crib, she discusses the history of the organisation, her motivations and how she started out by meeting and talking with young people on the streets.

Presenting another very frank and honest perspective, Janette talks about the range of services that she and her colleagues provide, how two tragic events in 2015 nearly caused her to break and some of the many positive initiatives that she has sought to put in place.

She momentarily touches on a few of the many people that have had involvement and support from the Crib and gone on to achieve wonderful things in life. A remarkable array of well known people.

Janette concludes with an insight into the realities of the restricted world of some communities, how appreciative young people are as she seeks to give them exposure to other aspects of life, including events and trips to other parts of the country…and how she wishes she were able to help many more in this way.

Janette Collins-The Crib

Janette is a highly respected founder and manager of The Crib. She has dedicated her life to helping young people and their families to have a better life. The Crib is a social inclusion/Intervention project which works with young people who are at risk of offending, gang affiliated or are in ‘targeted’ groups in specific areas that need support.  They also deliver a variety of activities including, dance classes, drama classes and a youth club. They provide a range of outreach workshops in schools and prisons, as well as supporting young people into employment. Parents Voice was created to assist families and empower parents within the community.

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