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Netiquette Guidelines

Code of Ethics

MyPOV takes all aspects of the code of ethics seriously and operates a zero tolerance to all forms of abuse.  We therefore politely request that all users kindly respect our expectations and follow our Netiquette rules vigilantly.  We believe that trust is vital, we would therefore like to extend our trust to you the user to adopt all facets of our ethical policy appropriately.

If anyone finds any content deemed in breach of these expectations, we appeal for you to use the ‘flagging feature’ provided, so that our staff may review it quickly and take action where needed.

MyPOV wants you to enjoy your experience in a safe and secure manner.  Please read the following carefully.


This section covers the kind of content that all users may post.  MyPOV would like to stress the importance of following these points to provide a safe and open space for a community to be built. All content of this nature will be removed and reported where necessary to the appropriate authorities. Users may be removed from the site if deemed appropriate.

The following is a list of content that will not be tolerated if posted on the site:

Nudity and Sexual Content – Please do not upload any material that would be considered sexually explicit, this includes all forms of pornography.

Dangerous Content (physical harm, including self-inflicted/inciting abuse/educating on abuse) – Please do not upload any material that might promote or encourage dangerous, violent or illegal activities.

Hateful Content (racist/sexist/personal attacks) – Please do not cross the fine line between freedom of expression and hatred towards others. Although this site promotes free speech, it will not tolerate any forms of personal abuse or attack.

Violent or Graphic Content, Terrorism, Extremism (showing it/supporting it/promoting it/ organising it) – Please do not upload any content relating to any forms of terrorism, brutality, savagery, cruelty or other inhumane acts.

Harassment (cyber bullying/ threatening users) – Please do not upload any material that may be considered malicious or abusive to others. Treat others considerately at all times and be thoughtful of their feelings.

Child Endangerment (sexualisation of minors, sexual abuse or imagery through comment or uploading of videos)– All cases of child abuse will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and removed from the site with immediate effect.

Vulgar Language – Please be respectful when using language considered as swearing, blaspheming or cursing. Although the age restriction of the site is set at 16 years and is not intended for younger audiences, it is not acceptable to use language deemed sexually explicit or excessive profanity, as this may lead to its immediate removal from the site.

Spam (video, comment, artificial traffic, misleading metadata, scams, blackmail or extortion) – Please do not use this platform to carry out any forms of deceptive practices in order to take advantage of others.

Threats (physical or mental abuse) – Please do not upload any content that may be considered harmful, frightening or alarming towards individuals or specific groups.


We respectively request that all users ensure they adhere to all aspects of the Netiquette policy.  The following rules outline users relating to authorised use of the platform:

  • Copyright (must own their content or have license to use). Please do not infringe or submit anything that does not fall in line with this direction.
  • Impersonate (never impersonate someone else). Please do not submit material copied from other users’ personal channels, profiles, background, text or other subject matter relating to a specific individual or group.
  • Spam (unrelated content, reusing content for views, posting the same video in multiple streams, artificial traffic). Please do not abuse the site with misleading practices that try to take advantage or target individuals or groups.
  • Be Respectful (see above)


The following provides users with a few resources you may find useful.

Teen Safety and Guidelines

We take your welfare very seriously and would like to provide a few simple rules to help to ensure your security and safety.

  • Our minimum age restriction is 16 years, please do not use our site if you do not meet this requirement.
  • Be aware of what type of video film content you are uploading. Do not film friends, classmates, or other minors in a sexually suggestive, violent or dangerous way.
  • Everything you upload on video may be seen by anybody, including your boss, future employer, friends and family. Please be considerate of this and only upload sensible content that you would feel comfortable about them viewing.  Once a video has been posted it may be copied and redistributed.
  • Only upload content that is concise, clear and considerate of the opinions of others. Always respond to other people in a calm and controlled way, without unnecessary anger.
  • Do not put yourself at risk or in a dangerous situation. Only post things that you specifically want to and not because you have been coerced into.
  • Suicide, Self-Injury, Drug or Alcohol Help. Remember, you are very special and much loved, so don’t let your situation become a crisis!  Please seek help and support from someone you trust either in your family, circle of friends, trusted teacher or GP.

Here are a few support group options if you want to speak to someone independently:


We sincerely hope that all users will use this site with respect and consideration of all values and ethical expectations outlined in the Terms and Conditions and Netiquette Policy.  If an issue should arise regarding any potential breach of these please be advised of the following:-

  • How to report videos – A flagging tool is available to inform us of any inappropriate material and will be reviewed by our staff.
  • How to report a user – Please use the Contact Us facility to report anyone abusing the platform.
  • Consequences for breaking rules. We operate a two-strike policy. An email notification will be sent to inform a user that a strike warning has been issued and will outline the rationale for the decision taken. If a second warning will be issued if the problem persists. Beyond this, we reserve the absolute right to remove the offending user and any related material from the system.

Our Responsibility

MyPOV has a responsibility to all of its users and to the wider community. We promote an inclusive platform which aims to provide a forum enabling free speech about a range of topics in a safe and secure environment.  We urge all users to read and adhere to all of our ethical expectations and be considerate of others at all times. To the best of our ability we will endeavour to act in a manner that is:

  • Discrimination Free (Equal and Fair topics)
  • Politically unbiased (topics, editorials and discussions)
  • Respect Data Protection obligations