Social Media – Add Your POV

What is your opinion on Social Media? What are the good or bad points? How safe is it and is enough done to protect young children? Join the discussion and Upload your Video Point of View on this topic!

Climate Change – Add your POV

What do you think about Climate Change? Are we doing enough to protect the planet? Why are young people so concerned and should schools support their protest? Join the discussion and Upload your own Video Point of View on this topic.  

BREXIT – Add your point of view

What’s your 60 second view on this hugely significant question? The nation remains divided on this topic. Take 60 seconds to record and submit your view on Brexit, the right path for the UK or any other aspect of this important discussion.

Care Services for the Elderly – Add Your POV

With 25% of the population in the UK now over 60, are we planning effectively for future care needs? How will this be funded, where are the facilities, who will provide the care? Are you involved or worried about this? Share you opinio

Loneliness – Add Your POV

We live in a highly connected world, yet many young people feel isolated and lonely. Why is this such an issue for current society? Are virtual worlds leaving us without real relationships?
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