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About Us

MyPOV is a brand-new, video-based discussion platform.

We seek to encourage passionate, sometimes controversial, but always authentic, discussions on a range of topics which resonate in society today.

In creating this platform, we had a series of clear aims:

Video Technology

Video technology adoption is accelerating rapidly across all generations and creates a greater degree of personalisation and authenticity than anonymous or text-based comments.

Changing the way discussions happen

The platform is contrary to current discussion trends and brings what we perceive often to be fragmented conversations back together in one place. Our objective is to truly inform by building a diverse set of POV’s in one place which provides a complete picture of the topic and related opinions.

The platform is for you

There is no media agenda, no political bias and no fake news driving the discussion. We remain completely agnostic and will not seek to influence. Your views are yours to share, without compromise. You don’t need to be an expert, but simply have an opinion that you firmly believe in. We know many people who feel they don’t have a place to express their point of view in a considered way – MyPOV provides the solution!

Safety and Inclusivity.

We believe that social media discussion has become quite toxic in some areas. Certain conversations are attacked by others in an attempt to close them down. There is a distinct lack of tolerance for the legitimate opinions of others. We seek to provide a platform for free speech and support the principles of diversity, inclusivity and justice for all parts of society. Whilst we most definitely encourage you to challenge the opinion of others with intelligent alternative perspectives, this does not extend to an attack on the person posting the view. Within reason, and we mean within the confines of UK law and the principles of this site, everyone has a right to free speech and their opinion no matter how much others may disagree with it. Those who cannot respect this basic democratic right, will be removed from the site. Should personal abuse arise, we encourage users to report it to us for moderation, and further action, if needed.  We want this to be an environment where everyone feels able to share their honest views. Please respect and support this.


We positively seek passionate, contrarian, provocative, but authentic viewpoints. It is the essence of the site, that different views will exist. It is through a process of viewing these, that understanding can be gained and truly informed opinion developed. So, whether you fall in the mainstream opinion, have a cause you feel strongly about, feel angry about something, want to change something, are deeply passionate about something or have a unique perspective borne out of personal experience, this site is for YOU. It’s the place to share your personal POV and inform the world!

We cover a series of discussion Categories (Politics and Society, Lifestyle, Health and Sport), within each of which we will provide stimulating daily questions related to topical or resonating issues. Alongside this we have a featured Topic of the Week which will look more deeply into a subject that we believe has multiple perspectives and many factors to consider. Many of these will involve contribution from informed and leading speakers on the topic. We have also created an area called Speakers Corner. This area may be used by any subscriber to create a discussion that you feel people would like to engage on or you simply want to share an informed or passionate opinion about. Lastly, we have a channel for Breaking News. This will enable our subscribers to comment on key topics that are trending right now across news and social media platforms. However, so many events occur, that we may miss something important to you, so subscribers can also start discussions on any breaking news topic at anytime, not just comment on the questions we pose.  Occasionally, we will provide factual information (infographics) to support certain discussions, so everyone has the same common ground to start from.

Our goal is for MyPOV to be recognised as a trusted platform that will discuss the important questions and provide a range of intelligent, diverse and passionate perspectives that helps to inform all who participate.  We want all areas of society to engage. Citizens, organisations, agencies, charities, support workers, activists, influencers, government and those who have been directly affected by the various topics we discuss. Diversity of opinion and insight is what will make this platform truly impactful.

We believe we are the very first UK based platform of this type. With your help we can bring a greater degree of collective understanding to many topics that are being discussed today, or will be tomorrow. You can positively influence what others think and in so doing create positive societal change! With your active support, we hope to make this a platform that will truly alter the face of meaningful discussion and social debate in the UK.

Come join this new community of influencers. MyPOV, is Your POV!

With Thanks,

MyPOV Editorial Team