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Topic of the Week - UK Gang Crime

This is a very controversial subject that has generated much media attention. However, the sensational and frequently reported outcomes, often fail to discuss the important underlying causes. Certain communities have been targeted and blamed for the rise in criminal activity. We believe that this is a highly complex issue that ranges from Serious Organised Crime, to Urban Street Gangs, to very impressionable and vulnerable young people.

Therefore, we want to undo the myths and perceptions by presenting the true realities.

So, rather than revisiting the tragic outcomes and statistics, we want to look at how organised crime infiltrates into communities, how societal issues and related factors contribute to the risk of young people being exploited, and finally, we listen to highly informed individuals who discuss how we should seek to tackle it.

UK Drug Policy Banner

The world is changing. Despite pressure to adopt a more progressive approach, the UK government persists with a policy of drug prohibition. Whilst the government has taken some positive steps with medicinal Cannabis, many feel this is simply not enough and that it leaves many issues unresolved.

Whether you feel that drugs should continue to be prohibited, decriminalised or legalised, this discussion is for you. The reality is that wherever your opinion sits on this important topic, carrying on as is, perpetuates many harmful issues. We need a policy that protects the people, puts harm reduction at its core and recognises the society in which we all live.

This is an opportunity for YOU, the UK population, to share your opinions alongside some highly respected and well known opinion leaders.

Chris Hobbs – Retired Police Officer

Retired Met Police Officer of 32 years, Chris Hobbs, discusses his experiences in the Met. In this video Chris shares his view on the current rise of youth gangs and knife crime and some of the reasons for this. Chris discusses many aspects of his police career including working in Southall during a time of great […]
Rhiannon Sawyer – The Children’s Society

Rhiannon Sawyer – The Children’s Society

This is one of the most comprehensive and stark insights into what is going with County Lines you will find. In this video Rhiannon Sawyer, area manager for London at the UK Childrens Society discusses how Organised Crime Groups are impacting young people throughout the entire country and how vulnerable young people and in some cases […]
Steve Warner – Deputy Head Teacher

Steve Warner – Deputy Head Teacher

Steve Warner, Deputy Head Teacher, discusses the very forward thinking, ‘Beyond the Gate’ initiative, that has been implemented at his school. It is important to state that this was not in response to a gang issue. On the contrary, the school is successful and the students feel safe, but the school recognises the role it […]
Trina O’Connor – Criminologist

Trina O’Connor – Criminologist

Trina O’Connor presents a perspective from Ireland that focusses on Dublin and surrounding areas. In this 10 minute point of view, Trina talks about the recent events in Dublin and how this has contributed to an increase criminal activity, drug dealing and inner city violence. She refers to events in 2016 and the aftermath, which […]
Craig Pinkney – Criminologist

Craig Pinkney – Criminologist (Part 2)

We are delighted to present the second video from the brilliant Craig Pinkney discussing how we can start to deal with the issues of violence on our streets. In this impassioned and articulate discussion, Craig talks about how we understand the culture of violence, how territories have always been a source of conflict and how […]
Craig Pinkney – Criminologist (Part 3)

Craig Pinkney – Criminologist (Part 3)

In this third short video, from expert urban youth specialist and Criminologist, Craig Pinkney, he addresses the question of what would he tell a young person threatened by the prospect of violence?    
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